samsung galaxy watch iphone

samsung galaxy watch iphone

In some ways, you can hear from pocket lint. Although the Galaxy Watch works best with Sam’s on phones and other Android devices,

 it can also be used with an I. 52. It’s a little basic,

 but you can still do simple things like sinking your health dates and reading on updates.

 To get started, all you have to do is download the app.

the Sampson galaxy watch app from the app store once you have that open,

 press okay to allow Bluetooth access and then tap the stop the journey button at the bottom now select the what you’re wanting to pass

 from the list in this case it’s the galaxy watch 3 but it’s compatible with a few of the older models as well now it’ll automatically 

detect the what you’re wanting to pass from the list now it’ll automatically detect the what you’re wanting to pass from the list now

 it’ll automatically detect the


Assuming you’ve turned it on and it’s ready to go, the next screen you’ll see is the Bluetooth pairing request.

 You’ll need to confirm the link on both the iPhone

 and the watch by tapping pair on the iPhone on the big orange I come on the white screen now it says it’ll take a few minutes.


by going through the basic guide on the app, you will get a better understanding of how the porch functions.

 You’ll need to consent to enable access to those permissions on your phone, such as alerts, contacts, and messages,

 once it’s done. It won’t be able to execute any of its core functions without them.

 To download applications, you must first sign into your Samsung account or build a new one.


Samsung’s galaxy apps store also has watch faces. You’ll need it later when you sign into something useful,

 so stick with the out for a second. For example, if you go to the manage apps menu,

 you can select the order in which the watch’s apps appear on the screen, as well as delete them. The advanced menu lets you do that.


You can control movements and button controls so that the watch wakes up when you receive a notification 

or select which functions it launches when you double press the home button on the right side of the watch.

 If you tap explore on the bottom toolbar, you can access all of the downloadable watch faces.


Apps Until you find anything you want, press it and wait for it to load into your watch.

 Now wants of watch faces and stole 2 topping all the what screen and then scroll until 

you find it and then tap to submit as far as alerts are concerned.


You’ll find them on the left side of the watch face, and they’ll automatically duplicate all of your iPhone updates,

 along with an icon so you know where they come from. You can read messages here, but due to Apple’s limitations,

 you won’t be able to read them.


You calmly respond to them; you can only read and clear them, just like you have a concept of any pay or request health monitoring for everyone.


If the watch is set up, you must download and instal the Samsung fitness app,

 which is available for free on the app store. Once you’ve loaded it up, you must log in again to create an account,

 and then any things you monitor on your walls will sync with your iPhone unless I’m some health.


When paired with a Samsung phone, the watch does a lot more than just keep you alive. It may just work for you.

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