Top and best web hosting

  • Do not think about owning a website, hosting, or VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting before knowing the three best web hosting .
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  • 1- Hostgator: HostGator is one of the most famous and best hosting companies in the world, and it is known for the trust of its customers, because it is integrated with services; It provides shared hosting, virtual servers, and cloud hosting; It also guarantees the work of the hosted sites by 99.9%, meaning that the site does not stop; In addition, their prices are reasonable for the features they offer; They also provide cPanel and Plesk for free; It also provides free technical support, but it may be slow to respond at times.
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  • 2- Blue Host: One of the well-known American companies in this field, famous for its shared hosting service; Bluehost hosting is characterized by its reliance on the latest technologies that make hosting more fast and responsive. It is the preferred choice for those who think of hosting their site, because it is the cheapest cost compared to other hosting companies, in addition to providing free technical support service in English only.
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  • 3- Hostinger: It is one of the global hosting companies. It was established in 2004, and has expanded until it provides its services in 178 countries around the world, and the number of its clients has reached 29 million; Hostinger hosting is characterized by its low cost, speed, and periodic backup, in addition to security and protection. It provides an SSL certificate of $11.95 for life, and its data centers are located in America, Britain, Brazil, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Indonesia; It is the most suitable option for owners of small sites.

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